New version with iOS 12 support

One  comment that I received really stuck with me:

I’m using RowingCoach on a nearly daily basis for tracking my rowing workouts. […] My only issue is that it doesn’t start automatically! I’m forever forgetting to start it before launching off. Operator error, hah!

And that is not the only comment I got where someone reports forgetting to start a workout. So how to prevent this from happening?

Fortunately the new iOS 12 offers added Siri functionality. RowingCoach now uses Siris machine learning capabilities to learn when and where you usually row. Siri will then intelligently suggest to start a workout when you approach your rowing club.

Siri Suggestions for RowingCoach on the Apple Watch

The Siri watchface intelligently suggests a workout based on your previous workouts.

Siri Intent on the iPhone for RowingCoach

Quickly start a workout on your iPhone with a Siri suggestion.

RowingCoach also supports the new shortcut functionality of iOS 12. So if you want to include starting a RowingCoach workout into any of your routines, you are good to go!

Other new features in this release are:

  • Heart rate alarm: You can now see when your pulse is higher than your configured threshold and you should relax a little bit.
  • Pulse is now also shown during a workout pause.
  • You can now configure a countdown that will be shown before the workout starts.