Ok, what can be tracked on my rowing workout?

The app records your strokes per minute (SPM) and the total strokes, the boats position and the distance, your heart rate, burned calories and of course the duration.

Does RowingCoach integrate with Apple Health App?

Absolutely! When you choose to save the workout it gets added seamlessly into Apple Health App and it contributes towards your daily fitness goal.

Can I export my workout?

Sure! You can export an individual workout or all at once per email. You get full control over your data. You just need to purchase a valid subscription inside the app.

You can also upload your workouts to the following platforms:

Can I use this app with my Apple Watch?

Yes! And you should, because only then your pulse will be recorded at the same time.

How can I use Siri to control my workouts?

Simple, just say: “Hey Siri, start my RowingCoach workout.” or “Hey Siri, stop my RowingCoach workout.”

How do I record a workout?

Depending on your preference you can use any of three different ways to record a workout. Have a look at the How To.

HELP! My heartbeats/calories are not recorded!

In order to track your pulse and your calories, RowingCoach needs access to HealthKit, Apples framework to provide these features. Make sure you have Enable HealthKit switched on in RowingCoach settings. Make also sure that the switches are on in the iPhones Settings under Privacy->Health->RowingCoach.

How can I connect RowingCoach with my Concept2 PM5?

Here you can find a step-by-step guide.

Why is the map not visible? / The map is missing in Strava…

Sometimes it takes a bit longer to transmit the location data (as they are the biggest part of the data) from the Watch to iPhone. Please wait until you see the map in the “workout details” before uploading to any service like Straka.

Occasionally it happens that the “Outdoor“ button was not enabled on the Watch indicated by a house icon in the workout details. In that case no location data has been recorded.