RowingCoach allows you to improve your workouts by tracking numerous values:

  • Your current and overall stroke rate (current and mean SPM)
  • The distance covered
  • Your current and overall pace
  • Your pulse
  • Your calories burned

Use the app as suits you best:

  • Track your session on the iPhone
  • Use only your Apple Watch to record the training ( and leave your iPhone onshore!)
  • Use the iPhone as display for your Apple Watch recording. Very useful for indoor rowing.

RowingCoach also offer these unique features:

  • Automated stroke detection
  • Export your workouts (because your data are yours!)
  • Integrate with Apple Health App
  • iCloud synchronisation: Have your workouts on all your devices.
  • Display your workout on a map
  • Use Siri to start and stop your workout (’cause your hands are busy)
  • Use custom notifications after a certain distance covered or time passed

You can export your rowing workout to your favorite platform. The following ones are supported:

Additionally you can export your workout as TCX, which now also includes the power in watts.

The automated stroke detection knows when you take a short pause and the SPM calculation will stop so that your average SPM will not take a hit.

The algorithm was carefully designed to use the least amount of battery, so it can run successfully even on the Apple Watch without impacting your overall battery life!